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Status development
Shopping Center in Vladimir
Vladimir, Russia
Program: Landscape, Retail, Interiors
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 50 000-100 000 sqm
Year: 2019

Shopping Center in Vladimir

Abi Mall is a new retail and entertainment center in Vladimir which will be a part of a new urban area on the way to Suzdal. Our purpose was to suggest a modern individual design through an idea of circle perfection to create the atmosphere of infinity shopping opportunities.

Landscape — Discrepancy of Сircles

Area: 1,9 Ha

Outdoor amphitheatre
Special character tree: Acer saccharum, Acer rubrum
Tree alignments: Tilia
Clumps of trees: Pinus sylvestris
Ornemental orchard: Pear trees, Apple trees

Ladscape project was made in collaboration with Djao-Rakitine Landscape Architecture.
Principles we use here: Pre-treatment steps, such as vegetated swales (ditches) or filter trenches, remove pollutants from surface water prior to discharge to watercourses or aquifers. Retention systems delay the discharge of surface water to watercourses by providing storage within ponds, retention basins and wetlands for example. Infiltration systems, such as infiltration trenches and soakaways mimic natural recharge, allowing water to soak into the ground.

Company leaders desired a new office/headquarters that would serve as a refuge from the industrial agribusiness landscape that surround them. The concept seeks to capture the essence of an utilitarian agricultural aesthetic. The design merges rural vernacular with an equally spare contemporary aesthetic. The landscape is a reinterpretation of an agricultural field and orchard.