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5th Avenue – Rebranding
Moscow, Russia
Program: Landscape, Retail, Interiors
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 10 000-50 000 sqm
Year: 2017

5th Avenue – Rebranding

Last summer Blank Architects had the opportunity to refurbishment and rebrand four operating shopping malls in Moscow: 5th Avenue, Golden Babylon Otradnoye, Yasenovo Golden Babylon and Goodzone.

In these new malls there will be a fresh food market with authentic food concepts, city administration offices, upgraded food courts, that will bring new tenants to the mall. In addition, you will also be able to find, new restrooms and a baby lounge, along with comfortable and safe parking.

We’ve added new services such as: co-working zones, resting zones with wifi connections, a very convenient baby lounge room, education centers for children; along with safe and colorful playgrounds, newspaper stands, drinking fountains, bike parks, cloak rooms and a pick up point. We see that people need a better work/life balance and they need to find space to relax whenever they are. We strongly feel that this idea could change our malls. We hope to improve people’s quality of life and assist them in archiving balance between everyday tasks and leisure activates.

Interior Design –
Family Shopping

To be opened in 2017

Family shopping
Sunlight bright atrium and gallery mall
Bright accents – colorful furniture
Wild greenery
Eco materials – wood, natural stone

The intention of this interior design is a “relaxing” atmosphere. We prefer to use natural materials such as stone, local wood and greenery as much as possible. The mall’s gallery and main atriums we envision as being a clean, white, open area with wood decoration elements. We have kept the maximum amount of daylight.

We’ve added color with furniture and in the small details. We used recycled materials to design the kids playgrounds to be thematic with different children’s heroes. Our design is not decorative, but functional. The main agenda was to make a project very comfortable for the customer with access to different basic services. That's why we’ve avoided extra-decoration in order to highlight the function.

Moreover, we wanted to create the feeling of a Family Shopping center and we implemented natural wood and corners in order to relax among comfortable modern furniture and natural plants.

Functions and Details –
Comunity Center with Shopping

-1 floor - 3359 sq.m
1 floor - 5457 sq.m
Entresol - 1213 sq.m
2 floor - 5504 sq.m
3 floor - 3980 sq.m

Food Market
Kids Zone
Relax Zones
Waiting Points

The 1st floor we see as an open atrium with a place for restaurants, meeting points and occasional markets. We have put everything in white and wood decorative panels, designed higher shop fronts, added three elevators in order to have a better connection with the green grocer’s located on the 3rd floor, and keep as much sunlight as was possible.

The 2nd floor is set aside for families with kids. We designed 20 sq.m of colorful, safe and fun kids’ area with an “Angry Birds” theme. The Kids’ area is surrounded the seta zone where lecture and workshops for youngest visitors can be organized . We have upgraded today’s restrooms and baby lounge room, to give all the moms and their children as much comfort as possible. Each lounge zone will have a zone for baby-fitting, little playground, kitchen food heating point, a restroom with a kid-sized toilet and a changing table.

The 3rd floor is set aside for food and entertainment, we can find a new layout here as the green grocer’s , culinary school, restaurants, bars, “street food,” and and the food court with a mix of fast food and a cinema. Everything is designed according to the latest trends. We use different types of furniture and kiosks to provide people as much as possible with an open air market atmosphere of. We have added windows and external terraces. The whole floor will be full of greenery, different patterns, colors and shapes.

Facades New –
“Skin” Meeting History

3760 sq.m.
Lighting ~70% of facade
Landscape improvements ~360 sq.m.

Eco - materials
Window and terraces opening in the restaurant zones
Pattern and 3D fancy panels
New bright entrance zones
Wood panel

The 5th Avenue we see as a new “skin” for today’s shopping mall. Our goal is to highlight the smooth and curved shape of the building’s form. We have kept the existing concrete skeleton and covered it with light, brightly colored fence panels, that will be lighted during the night.

The entrance zones we have highlighted with wood cubes that invite clients inside the mall. We use the same types of colors as interior designed, wood decorative panels to have one common design. To make clear the message to the mall visitors that we have a green grocer’s on the 3rd floor we add decorative canopies which reminds one of the street markets, we have highlighted the fresh market and new cafes by adding open windows and terraces. The ground floor has street open shopfronts that during the warm days will be open to the public.

The facade design adds local attitude to the buildings, we wanted the communicate the interior changes, from outside the building. In addition to the interior design, we used many nature materials and bright colors.
Our landscape team has designed a landscape that we see as a mix of wild grass moving on the wind. We use wild grasses, sedge, teasel, and many others. Our climate provided us with the opportunity to see how it will change and looks amazing during the winter and summer time.
We are very glad to work with “Bleed”, an Oslo based studio team on the rebranding and renaming process.


Magda Kmita

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Tatiana Leontieva

Alexandra Razina

Anna Melnichenko
junior architect

Daria Guzun
junior architect

Illarion Komarov

Vladimir Tikhonov

Nikolay Fugarov
senior architect

Polina Balysh