A few more words about the Discovery mall by the developer MR Group

The foodhall in the Discovery mall was marked in the top list of the expected openings by the founder of the Sysoev FM project, Alexander Sysoev, especially for RBC Style.

Chkalov wayfinding

The bright interiors of the Chkalov shopping center are harmoniously complemented by clear, intuitive wayfinding concept, also created by our bureau.

New project in Saint-Petersburg

One of the most important premieres of the St. Petersburg real estate market, the HOLLYWOOD shopping center, will be built by the project of Blank Architects.

Affordable multi-storey wooden construction in Russia - myth or reality?

Partner of Blank Architects Lukasz Kaczmarczyk, special for Vedomosti.Nedvizhimost, shared his expertise and opinion on the perspective of wooden multi-storey housing construction in Russia.

19 years of responsible architecture!

Today Blank Architects celebrates 19 years of working.

Magda Cichon, founding partner of Blank Architects - about coworking spaces in the Russian regions

The founding partner of Blank Architects, Magda Ciсhon, in a special comment for the Vedomosti.Nedvizhimost told about the features of the organization of flexible coworking in the regions.

We are hiring: Business Development Manager for Poland

Blank Architects bureau is looking for Business Development Manager in Poland!

Apartments with Blank Architects design concept in Seliger City – now available for purchasing

In the residential complex Seliger City by MR Group are now available for purchasing the apartments with design by Blank Architects. The lots are presented in the Kandinsky building as part of the third stage of the complex.

The city can effectively accommodate "clean" manufacturing

The founding partner of Blank Architects Magda Cichon's shared the opinion about the possibility of creating new production centers on the basis of existing buildings of plants and factories for the Izvestia newspaper.

"Tomorrow will come today" is now available on our website

"Tomorrow will come today" is a research and manifesto dedicated to changes in the architecture of the housing in future and our ideas about how we see really comfortable modern homes.

New article for Vedomosti

Why the architecture of resort hotels and complexes requires special skills and an outstanding approach?

Work on progress - Seliger city

Work on progress: have a look at the lobbies in "Seliger City" residential complex by MR Group.

Blank Architects on RBC

Why the ban on multi-storey construction in the resort area of Sochi is a necessary measure, and how this practice is implemented in European countries on the coasts - read the opinion of the founding partner of Blank Architects Magda Cichon on RBC

New interview with Magda Cichon

How should look a shopping center that would be interesting for a young audience.

An interview with Yulia Zavarayeva

An interview with Yulia Zavarayeva, Head of the Branding and Wayfinding Department at Blank Architects, - about the department's new projects and tasks

Magda Kmita on Mapic

What path of changes and transformations have shopping malls gone through since 2020, and what changes have yet to happen? Blank Architects' partner Magda Kmita in her speech at MAPIC Russia talked about how shopping centers have changed in the post-covid era.

Magda Kmita, Blank Architects - about the architect's work and new projects for Moskvich Mag

Magda Kmita, partner at Blank Architects, told Moskvich Mag media about her own path in architecture, the architect's work around the world, and about the city's landmark projects created by Blank Architects.

The brand in real estate

"The brand, or the design code in real estate is certainly important, because it also gives an idea of ​​what kind of audience the project is intended for and what its inhabitants will be," - Blank Architects partner Magda Kmita told RBC.

Developing a furniture brand in Russia: Blank Architects’ experience

While working on public spaces design in Russia and Europe, we faced a shortage of object design objects that would be functional and aesthetic.

New branding and wayfinding department

Blank Architects has created a branding and wayfinding department. The new direction implements projects in the creation and renovation of brands in real estate, and is also responsible for the development of signage indoor and outdoor.

Blank Architects designed a community center with the park in Kazan

Blank Architects has created a concept and a draft design of a community center with a landscape park as part of the «ART City» residential complex in Kazan.

Architecture of a country houses

The comfortable architecture of a country houses is based primarily on the contact with nature: it is important that a person, having traveled a long way from the city, does not get to another "city", but finds himself in a natural environment.

Transformation of the offices

"The office for the employee becomes a place where he wants to go, not just needs to be." Magda Kmita, partner at Blank Architects, told CRE magazine about the changes taking place in modern offices, where work is now not a necessity, but an opportunity.

Shermetevskaya Metro Station – Competition
Moscow, Russia
Program: Civic Project
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 5 000-10 000 sqm

Shermetevskaya Metro Station – Competition

Moscow of 21st century is faced with an urgent transportation problem and the most effective solution for the city is the development of an underground transportation system as the
majority of citizens in Moscow use the metro as their main mode of transportation every day.

The Moscow government and urban planners have decided to create access to the metro from each Moscow district. A new circle line is the main metro project to be completed by 2020, that will reduce travel time to a minimum and help locals save time. Another important aspect for the Moscow metro is the preservation of «The most beautiful metro in the world».

Pavilion – A Peek Behind a Curtain

1000 sq.m.

main hall

Our aim was to design a building that would, in a minimalist and classic way, fit in the middle of the surroundings. Highlighted the entrance area with a canopy, supported by two square slim columns. This meeting area provides protection from the rain, snow and sun. The entrance area design is in glass to show the interiors to the passengers. In the middle of the entrance and exit we’ve proposed a marble wall with a game of 3D letters.

We’ve kept the glass walls to make the pavilion transparent and keep the views of the greenery from both inside/outside. We want to keep passengers in the greenery and natural atmosphere as much as possible, even when they are inside the pavilion , main hall.

Main platform -
The main scene

5000 sq.m.

curved wall

An area where the passengers find themselves like an artist in a scene, where they will see a “Theater curtain” and the back stage. We’ve kept the white light design, using white marble for a curved marble wall and a simple grey mix of granite flooring in different sizes. We’ve highlighted the “theater curved wall” by lighted it from above, to underline it and remind us as much as possible of a “textile” material.

We’ve added decorative educational elements located in arches. The walls in the arches we’ve designed using pixel print on the marble, that will show famous people connected with Russian theater history, from Nikolay Shermietiev, Raikin Arkadi and many others. We use these pictures as another navigational element to meet - "next to Shermietiev’s photo, or Rakin’s face".

The main vestibule –
Theater foyer

1000 sq.m.

natural light
glass partitions

Passengers entering this area will find themselves in a warm, lighted space, where they can easily find a way. In the middle of the area we’ve place a skylight that will allow sunlight into the interior. It will provide a feeling of the outside for passengers on the escalators. The light will subtly change with the time of day and season. We want to maintain this as a theatrical game between the natural light and interior.

The main wall is covered with a “theater wave curtain” that will give the passengers a taste of what to expect inside and in the subsequent parts of the station. Glass partitions will provide maximum visibility of both outside and inside.

Side Platforms and Escalator area

70 m. deep underground


Following the idea of our main platform we used a similar concept on side ones. The curve curtain wall welcomes passengers to our station.
The arch decorative elements show famous artists. The wall in train area we created as a base for the theater – we’ve used black metallic panels, where we’ve placed on it a strong motto message :
“The theater is the type of art with which one can say a lot.” N.V. Gogol. We want our passengers to have a few moments to themselves while waiting for the next train.

We are going down into a white, smoothly-blended space of both daylight and night. Here we keep the easy materials and colors so as not to disturb the passengers and their safety going down a long, nearly 70m escalator trip.

The passages –

2 exits


The passages to the main platform in the escalators part of the metro station we’ve kept straight and simple with a clear navigation system.
We see this part of the station as a “theater lobby area – backstage ”. Our passengers will have the same feeling as artists who are getting themselves ready before they go on stage.
In the “lobbies” area we have placed an art object – a multimedia circle, a “game of shadows,” with a pantomime effect. When the passengers pass by, the 3D installation will follow their shadow, changing all the time.
A “red carpet” dedicated to stars and “green carpet” dedicated to park will help with station navigation system.


Magda Kmita

Alena Panfilova-Korsakova

Elena Dzyuba
leading architect

Tatiana Leontieva

Nadezhda Yarmolyuk
leading architect

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Magda Cichon



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