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Status development
Stadium Dinamo at VTB Arena Park
Moscow, Russia
Program: Sport
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 50 000-100 000 sqm
Year: 2017

Stadium Dinamo at VTB Arena Park

VTB Arena - is a project of reconstruction of the Central stadium "Dynamo" that is a part of VTB Arena Park complex. The future stadium will combine two sports arenas and shopping-center.

The concept was made by American office Manica Architecture.

Part of Blank Architects team of 14 persons realize Working Design and lead Architect’s Supervision at the site since 2015.
As well our Concept department is developing interior design of retail part of complex.

Dynamo stadium -

26 319 seats
30 000 sq.m.

The total capacity of Dynamo Central stadium is 26 319 seats. The Arena has 3 configurations: hockey configuration with 11 488 seats, basketball configuration – 12 770 seats, concert configuration– 14 000 seats and this process takes only a few hours. In terms of technical equipment this venue will be the most cutting-edge concert stage in Moscow. The total area of the entertainment and leisure complex is 30 000 sq.m.
Opening of VTB Arena - Central stadium "Dinamo" is scheduled for the 22nd of October 2017.


Blank Architects Modeling Workshop


Szymon Matkowski

Aleksandra Brejnak
leading architect

Boris Elagin
leading architect

Nadezhda Yarmolyuk
leading architect

Yuri Zhogolev
BIM Manager

Anna Terskikh
leading architect

Maxim Matyashov
leading architect

Maxim Kutin
leading architect

Irina Lutaya
leading architect

Konstantin Skvortsov
leading architect

Oleg Chertov
leading architect

Alexandra Selesh

Ekaterina Androschuk