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Stadium Dynamo at VTB Arena Park
Moscow, Russia
Program: Retail, Mixed, Interiors, Sport
Status: Completed
Scale: 50 000-100 000 sqm
Year: 2018

Stadium Dynamo at VTB Arena Park

VTB Arena - is a project of reconstruction of the Central stadium "Dynamo" that is a part of VTB Arena Park complex. Arena Park is a whole city district, consisting of luxury housing, offices, a 5-star hotel, park, and everything that surrounds the focal point of the ensemble - the 1920s ‘Dynamo’ Sport Stadium redesigned and reconstructed in its new form suitable for the 21st century.The future stadium will combine two sports arenas and shopping-center.

The new concept of reconstruction was made by American office Manica Architecture.

Part of Blank Architects team of 18 persons realize Working Design and lead Architect’s Supervision at the site since 2015. As well our Concept department has developed interior design of retail part of complex.

Dynamo stadium -

30 000 sq.m.

3 tiers of tribunes

Capacity, people:

26 000 - football matches
33 000 - concerts capacity

10 900 - HOCKEY
13 000 - BOXING
13 000 - CONCERTS

3 tires of tribunes
VIP suite level
different seat categories
heated seats
vandal-proof system
fan zone
natural roll-out turf
modern multimedia systems
underground parking
quality catering
loyalty system

The stadium initially designed by Arkady Langman and Lazar Tcherykover has a vivid history of sporting and cultural events including the 1980 Olympic Games football finals and a Michael Jackson concert in 1996 attended by 71000 people.

The complex consist of сentral stadium “Dynamo” named after Lev Yashin and multifunctional VTB Arena. The total capacity of Dynamo Central stadium is 26 319 seats. The Arena has 3 configurations: hockey configuration , basketball configuration, concert configuration and this process takes only a few hours. In terms of technical equipment this venue will be the most cutting-edge concert stage in Moscow. The total area of the entertainment and leisure complex is 30 000 sq.m.


Blank Architects Modeling Workshop made section model of Dynamo Stadium especially for Rex Exhibition 2018.

Vladimir Tihonov (Junior Associate and Head of Modeling Workshop)

Shopping Center at VTB Arena Park — Design With Meaning

Opening - Spring 2019
GBA - 68 000 sq.m.
GLA – 18 000 sq.m.
2 500 sq.m. of supermarket
1 000 sq.m. of fitness club

smoothly blending retail park and history
comfort and relaxing atmosphere
family friendly design
wi-fi zone, resting zone, education playgrounds, press stand

The shopping center, two sports arenas under one roof near the Sports Academy, fitness club and Spa, modern hotel Hyatt Regency Moscow and residential district provide obvious advantages comparing to shopping centers on the Lengradskoe Highway up to Sheremetyevo.

We let the green park enter the interior design, united the past and the future. Legendary places, dynamic sports life was symbolically reflected in each detail of our retail area.

The Arena Park shopping center has an interior as unique as all the components of the complex itself with a bit of fashion, style, ecology, sport, and history. We all understood that the interior of this shopping center had to be unique as well. We decided to base its design story on three pillars: history, sport, and the park. And keep it distinctive with a slight touch of hedonism.

Popular Concept — It's Format Of The Future !

80 retail operators
10 foodcourt restaurants
4 restaurants
3 cafes

eco – materials
famous dynamo football players in the heart of the complex
dynamo stadium history museum

When we enter we are welcomed by quite modest black and white interior, but soon we find out that it’s not that simple. There are three huge niches based on an elliptical plan filled in with a mosaic inspired by those created by Dayneca for the interior of the Mayakovskaya metro station in 1938.

The shop fronts resemble the strict order of a 1920s exterior façade. And the original bas-reliefs done by the famous soviet sculptor Sergey Merkurov, which than decorated the north and south porticos were here used to embellish the entrance halls.

There are apparent references to the park nearby, such as the two green walls surrounding the elevator porticos, but a more observant customer will surely discover that the shape of the solid Corian benches inside the mall resembles the cast iron ones standing in the park.

Conversation —
5 Years History

Magda Kmita

It is breathtaking history, starting from parking documentation you have got the total task to emit full package of working documentation of whole stadium. So, for how many years the construction had been lasting?

Szymon Matkowski

We got first e-mail from client – march 2013. Last notice in author’s control book we did in September 2018. So it's been 5 years!

Magda Kmita

Which stages were the most difficult or memorable?

Szymon Matkowski

Guide drawings and Fine tuning

Magda Kmita

What are the general differences between both Manica's and Speech's design and the implemented one?

Szymon Matkowski

Manica made the concept. Speech made 3 building permits. We made Fine tuning to reach again things that were lost in between concept ideas and final building permit documentation during this 3 stages.

Magda Kmita

What are the main features of this sport building such as applicable number of spectators, number of arenas and their dimensions?

Szymon Matkowski

Stadium 26192 people
Arena (depending on scenario) up to 12 300 people
Main idea – arena and stadium connected with restaurant. Both arena and stadium lifted on level 8 meters above ground – to give space for retail center.


Szymon Matkowski

Aleksandra Brejnak
leading architect

Nadezhda Yarmolyuk
leading architect

Anna Terskikh
leading architect

Maxim Matyashov
leading architect

Maxim Kutin
leading architect

Irina Lutaya
leading architect

Konstantin Skvortsov
leading architect

Oleg Chertov
leading architect

Alexandra Semebratova (Selesh)

Ekaterina Androschuk

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Magda Kmita

Ekaterina Karmatskikh
leading architect