Moscow Architecture Prize 2020

Two projects of Blank Architects were nominated for the Moscow Architecture Prize 2020.

Nebo shopping center

Nebo shopping center in Moscow, Solntsevo, will be build to the Blank Architects project

Trend Island

One of the best concept stores interiors

Projects of the Year 2019

Blank Architects selected the best projects of the year.

First concrete - Metropolia

Getting started with Metropolia! Today we have poured the first cube of concrete and buried the capsule.

Bolshaya Semenovskaya

New Shopping Center is about to be opened.


Blank Architects is following today the WAF 3rd day presentations of Finalists Projects.

Status development
Matreshka — Shopping center
Tyumen, Russia
Program: Retail, Interiors
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 1 000-5 000 sqm
Year: 2020

Matreshka — Shopping center

The main concept of the interior design of the "Matreshka" Shopping and Entertainment Center (located in Russia, Tyumen, Shirotnaya street) is to evoke this Russian doll and national symbol.
This interior design concept offers a redefinition of the most striking elements of traditional Russian culture.

Idea — Russian culture

GBA 14 200 sq.m.
GLA 3 597 sq.m.

brightly colored
modern design

This idea is conveyed through the use of bright colors in the decorative materials. Moreover, a large number of varied, modern geometric prints that echo the idea of traditional Russian ornamentation are abundantly presented in the paintings of Russian dolls.
All the techniques in the finishing materials, the furniture, the food court, the main atriums and the bathrooms convey the theme effectively and create the desired mood.

Environment — atmosphere of comfort

2 floors
310 seats

local center
russian symbol

The "Matreshka" shopping center is a place for everyday pastimes. It offers a comfortable shopping experience and access to everyday services for a range of visitors.
This is a shopping center for locals who like to come here again and again, because they feel comfortable in the space that has been created.
But in addition to simplicity and comfort, visitors like to spend time here with their children. They may even experience nostalgia for the time when they used to be children themselves!
This local, simple center fulfils two roles: one one hand it is a nod to traditional Russian folk culture and to times gone by. On the other, the space is very modern and technologically advanced and in this way it looks forward to the future.


Magda Kmita

Alexandra Razina
Junior Associate

Olga Dragancha
Leading Architect

Ksenia Kudryashova
Leading architect

Helga Karamzina