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Trend Island — Department Store
Moscow, Russia
Program: Retail, Interiors
Status: Completed
Scale: 1 000-5 000 sqm

Trend Island — Department Store

Trend Island is a department store located in Moscow in the Aviapark shopping center, one of the largest shopping centers in Europe.

The first stage of this fashionable space, built in 2016, has already become a landmark project for Aviapark Shopping Center and for Moscow city. So one of the tasks in developing of the second stage was to continue and strengthen the overall concept and brand. Blank Architects have created a legend that the new part becomes, as a reflection in the magic mirror of the existing “sunset island”. In this way, the second half of the “state” becomes the “island of the sunrise”.

Idea — Island of the sunrise

Khodynsky Boulevard, 4
8000 sq.m.

Household items
Childen's goods
Cultural multifunctional space
Kids zones
Beauty Salon

"The island of the sunrise" is built with smooth lines and circles, it seems that it is more tender and toy than real, but it still remains a city, even so a bit futuristic. There is a square in the center framed with an arched rotunda and the moon, which is hung over it at the eternal moment of dawn, and the street-paths are like dark rivers. Shades of sunrise in the interior play beneficially in contrast with the sunset colors in the first stage of the store. The new phase of Trend Island has a large number of new women's brands, so for designers it was important to bring in the interior elements softness and smoothness of the lines.

Design — Shades of sunrise

60 different brands under one roof


The space is settled in soothing colors: soft pink, dusty lilac and delicate white (the chameleon material is poured with different shades of pink, gray, lilac). Rose gold are also used in the interior, creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere. The central art object of the moon was painted by hand in shades of dawn and sunrise and there is a pop-up zone under it. The functionality of the space is achieved through well-chosen details and solutions: for example, massive columns became functional objects by circular rails around them. And due to the light mobile transforming catwalks, you any composition of ready-made total looks can be created anywhere in the store.

Conversation —
Fashion and Design

Tatiana Leontieva
leading architect

Tell me please about the type of department stores such as Trend Island, I see it is almost one of the kind?

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

In our opinion, Trend Island is a very significant project for the Russian and European markets. First, it is the largest and the most successful multifunctional space of this type (department store), created on the territory of a large shopping center. Secondly, it is the first department store in Moscow, which represents a beauty zone, accessories for home and leisure, coffee shops, children's zones and a lecture hall (where you can listen to lectures on style, beauty and architecture or organize your own workshops and seminars) in addition to a set of democratic clothing brands for children and adults and modern jewelry. And most importantly, due to the qualities listed above, Trend Island allows young local brands to express themselves and grow almost the same as the mass market does.

Tatiana Leontieva
leading architect

It is breathtaking history, starting from 2106, when the first part of Trend Island was built - what are the main features of it?

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

Good question. because when we started we really got a store which had already build a half of final total area. Therefore, it was important during design of the second part of the store, not only to create a comfortable atmospheric space, but to combine the first version of the space with the new concept stylistically and functionally. The design of the first part of the “island” is the main inspirational impulse for the new half of Trend Island. Two halves together becomes one big country which you do not want to leave. On the one hand, this is a real city with roads, hatches and a huge sun in the center, which rays shin in all directions. Thanks to the easy installation in the form of a pointed mirror object, the rays of light are emitted to the entire perimeter of the store, creating the illusion of the true sun. In this half, dark finishing of ceiling and a linear organization of zones dominate. All of the above brings to mind sunset in a big city like New York. Attention is paid to young, dynamic, Russian and international fashion brands. The initiator of the project was inspired by the urban style of cities in Europe, Japan and the USA.

Tatiana Leontieva
leading architect

I see. What accents are different in new part ?

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

Unlike the first line of the store, where the mesh portals and lines of roads are rectangular, the soft, rounded shapes in the new space allowed to emphasize new emotions and details, including the design of the fitting room for example.

Tatiana Leontieva
leading architect

And what details helped you to unite two halves in one?

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

For example, soft zones and furniture design helped to place accents in both halves of the store and unit them. Particular attention is paid to the details of these lounge areas - they are decorated with furniture brought from vintage European shops and have completely different character - in the first part furniture of vintage style bars and taverns is used, and in the second - delicate items of girl’s boudoirs and living rooms are implemented.

Tatiana Leontieva
leading architect

How design works with such a variety of fashion brands and other items that are presented in the department store?

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

The design of the two parts fully respond the store filling. In the first part, a customer walking through the streets, will find more products for young people, street-style and eco-design of affordable brands, as well as face a real gratify or be able to listen to a lecture about fashion in the “urban amphitheater”. The second part will surprise a shopper with the atmosphere of relaxation, discreet and elegant life style, minimalistic design clothes of fashionable architectural cut, as well as here they can find and buy books, make hair and manicure, buy goods and clothes for children and there are special children's areas where child may be left during shopping time. In both areas there are coffee points and cafes. So you can stay on the island forever!


Magda Kmita

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

Agata Stebel
leading architect

Anna Melnichenko