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Discover Retail – Field Trip

Just before the Brexit we are heading to UK to discover some New Retail Ideas.

Brosko Mall

Photos from the east. Brosko Mall under construction.

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Blank Architects team is going to Cannes for The international retail property market

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Interview. Magda Cichon (General Director) for RBC Russia


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Trend Island department store in Aviapark


Researches in Blank Architects in progress.

Status development
AfiMall City — Interior Redevelopment
Moscow, Russia
Program: Retail, Interiors
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 200 000-500 000 sqm
Year: 2018

AfiMall City — Interior Redevelopment

Shopping and entertainment centre AfiMall City is located in the business district of Moscow, "Moscow-City". Shopping and entertainment centre is one of Europe's largest and most ambitious retail developments in recent years, which combines innovative architectural solutions and multifunctional infrastructure.

AfiMall City is the flagship project of AFI Development.

Our goal was to demonstrate complex approach to redevelopment to create modern, comfortable and commercially efficient space.

Concept — Communication and Design

GBA 283 200 sq.m.
GLA 107 200 sq.m.

food in comfort
pleasant atmosphere

After local visits and internal workshops, we can define preliminary list of potential topics for discussion:

  1. Different customers groups are mixed in close or same zones. 2. Different customer’s group’s journey should be controlled in its experience. 3. Today client’s journey contains many pain points. It is easy to get lost. Kids shops clients mixed with cheap food offering customers. Servicing for mother and child, kids attractions, comfortable rest zones are missed. What is our special offer? The offer is to spend the whole day here: shopping, entertainment, food in comfort, pleasant atmose.

Main idea of the project is to use three atriums as communication cores. These cores connect all the floors and distribute a proper customers flow. 1st atrium to be extended with new location of escalators group and supplement the new passenger lifts. 2nd atrium to be connected with 1st floor by creating new opening. New set of escalators group to be used. 3rd atrium to be created.

Conversation —
To give better quality for spaces !

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

It`s well known, that Afimall was built more recently. Within a decade, the renovation is needed. How come?

Magda Kmita

Yes, the building has already few years.
Together with a client we have decided to redesign public spaces as – main gallery , food curt, 5th floor (dedicated to restaurants), restrooms and corridors.
We have add additional services and kid and mom room, playgrounds, relax and wifi//coworking zones.
The retail shopping mall competition in Moscow has grow.
The building should have be upgrade with interior design, to be more comfortable for all clients.

Alena Panfilova-Korsakova
leading architect

The important thing about this mall is unique location (in the center of business quarter «Moscow city»). Obviously interior should be modern and comfort for Moscow city workers and citizens. In the project we bring better quality for spaces that became outdated as food court, toilets etc.

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

What is the new, you suggested to bring in the design and what is you`ve decided not to change?

Magda Kmita

As I mention already we have worked on the public area. We have deiced to upgrade gallery furniture’s, lighting design, greenery, we add new iconic elements.
We work as well on the new color pallets and finishing materials.
As well we have work on retail aspects as shop fronts – to be more visible thru all floors.

Alena Panfilova-Korsakova
leading architect

At first we made full analysis and recognized what should we do to make it works better. There were a lot of ideas – from constructive to decorative changes. In general there are great skylights and nice spaces that will work much better with good interior light, new furniture and brand new decorative unique elements.

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

If there were some difficulties in renovation the existing shopping mall, how can you define them?

Magda Kmita

Existing building – as always it happens. We have met usually problem that some information were missing in initial data.
At the beginning we deiced to make shopfornt higher – unfortunate it was impossible, because of MEP systems above the ceiling.

Alexandra Razina
leading architect

What is the scale of construction and how it is being implemented now - while the Afimall actually functioning?

Magda Kmita

I find it as one of the biggest rebranding project in today Moscow retail market.
The project will happened in few stages.
First we should see the update on mall furniture’s in food court and gallery mall zones.


Magda Cichon

Magda Kmita

Magda Kmita

Alena Panfilova-Korsakova
leading architect

Kristina Khatlamadzhiyan
leading architect

Tatiana Leontieva
leading architect

Stanislav Krasnoperov