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Mitino – Shopping Center
Moscow, Russia
Program: Landscape, Retail, Interiors
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 100 000-200 000 sqm

Mitino – Shopping Center

The Mitino Park Shopping Center is a complex of buildings located on the north side of Moscow.Easily-accessible by metro and public transport,this dense residential area has the potential for further development.

This is a perfect location for a development that aims to support a healthy style of living and to provide high-quality services to the surrounding communities. It boasts unique, direct access to Mitino Park, and sports amenities such as an ice rink, cycling paths, and various park activities, making it ideally situated.

Concept –
Version 01

From 07.012 To 12.2012

Food bazaar
Ice Rink
Shopping Area

With its eco-friendly approach and respect for nature the Mitino Park development was built according to, and is certified by Breeam. Everything from the design and to the carefully chosen materials was taken into account from the very beginning.

There are three buildings on the site: the Main Shopping Area with its elegant yet contemporary shopping gallery, fashionable boutiques and freestanding "display cases"; the Market which offers a mix of a fresh food bazaar, street shopping and relaxed atmosphere, and the Ice Rink.

Design – Urban feeling
& Lively atmosphere

GBA: 109 000 sq.m
GLA: 60 000 sq.m

Glass openings
Accessible design
Street-level shopping

The City Plaza is a starting point, located at the entrance to the site, it is meant to be a welcoming area and a meeting point where people can gather. It may also host small temporary events and act as a makeshift market. The glazed main building corner has become a significant landmark and a view point – because a Café / Restaurant terrace is located on the top floor The Promenade, acts as an internal street, a walking path that provides one with an urban feeling and lively atmosphere thanks to its large glass openings, accessible design, and street-level shopping, with cafes and restaurants located along either side.
The Stage is the perfect place for both average and large events – it features an open air cinema, concerts spots, and a fashion catwalk. In addition, both a summer and winter market could be organized there as well as light shows in the evenings that could become flagship events for the shopping center. The stage also acts as a gate to the neighboring park.

The Interior, with its leaf-shaped skylights, was designed with nature closely in mind. The atrium and large window allow visual contact with the landscaping elements. The best quality materials were used in the interior design.

Conversation —
Value in being community focused

Magda Cichon

There's definitely been a push among shopping center clients to embrace this "healthy lifestyle" trend that has hit Moscow.

Alexandra Razina

Yes and it works perfectly with some the surrounding spaces in the areas outside central Moscow. I mean the greener areas.

Magda Kmita

Like the Mitino Shopping Mall project.


Yes, that's the perfect example, and it's encouraging that clients now see the value in being community focused.


Yes, and that in this case they wanted to capitalize on the direct access to Mitino Park, and the sports amenities around, such as an ice rink, cycling paths, and various park activities.


Plus I like that this push for.... what would you call it? An eco-friendly approach, I guess, has really taken off.


And this is also something that is starting to be not only requested, but demanded by the surrounding community.


And this has to be taken into account. And should be reflected in things like energy efficiency, choice of materials, and so on.


And I remember we added touches like the leaf-shaped skylights in the interior, and large windows, that allow visual contact with the landscaping elements.


Plus I think the public's expectations have changed, and even in areas outside of central Moscow, and indeed in regional areas, there's a readiness to see spaces that are elegant, contemporary and don't make you feel like a cog in a machine, but allow personal choice, personal expression.


This was the one with the fresh food bazaar?


Yes, and street shopping and an ice rink. Plus shops, cafes and retail space, of course


And I think the landscape design for this project also played a significant role. The "City Plaza" is a starting point, located at the entrance to the site, it is meant to be a welcoming area and a meeting point where people can gather, but it can also host small temporary events and act as a makeshift market.


There's also the "Promenade," that acts as an internal street — a walking path that provides a sort of urban feeling and lively atmosphere thanks to its large glass openings. It's a good example of accessible design. It helps you literally to access the other parts of the shopping center, plus offers its own street-level shopping, with cafes and restaurants located along either side.


I also really like the "Stage," which features an open-air cinema, concerts spots, and a fashion catwalk. It's a total departure from old-fashioned multiplex cinemas....


And also offers adaptability that a traditional cinema could never possibly offer, because it has the potential for seasonal events like markets, or displays like light shows in the evenings, which again, adds that community focus.


Szymon Matkowski

Magda Cichon

Magda Rolka

Marijn Bokhorst

Alexander Nereviatkin

Agata Stebel
Lead Architect

Magda Kmita

Tatiana Leontieva

Marina Dolgova

Marijn Bokhorst



  • Shortlisted in the category of ” Commercial Mixed-Use – Future Projects" - World Architecture Festiwal