In the Obydensky No. 1 club house, dismantling work has been completed with preserving the historical part

The developer Sminex-Inteko has completed the required amount of dismantling work and is strengthening the foundations for new construction.

Fashion department store Hi-Light opened in Ekaterinburg

Blank Architects completed the interior of a new fashionable place

Blank Architects on the real estate forum "Zhiloy Kvadrat"

Integrated development of territories: how high-quality infrastructure of low-rise residential complexes becomes a tool for increasing demand

Architecton forum 2023

On September 13, a discussion platform will begin its work in St. Petersburg, two discussions will be held with our participation

The buildings' lobby of the residential complex "Metropolia" are completed

In the second stage of the Metropolia business class residential complex, the developer MR Group has completed the interiors of the lobby and public spaces. Blank Architects are the authors of the design projects for the lobby of the Venice, St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Vienna buildings. The interiors designed for the residential complex were shortlisted for the 100+ awards for Best Interior Design.

Visiting VTB Arena

Blank Architects visited the VTB Arena, which includes the central Dynamo stadium. Blank Architects is the authors of project's working documentation. For Blank Architects, this is one of the key projects that the team has been working on for over 5 years.

Multifunctional retail complex Hollywood

The complex has already been acclaimed as the most expectable project in its segment: its opening is scheduled for the next year.

Moscow Urban Forum 2023

Dane Kljakovic, Head of Structural Design Department, Blank Architects will take part in the business program of the forum

The interiors of the residential complex "Metropolia" were shortlisted for the 100+ Awards

The project participates in the nomination "Best interior design - public space"

Blank Architects in the top 30 most successful architectural firms according to Forbes

The ranking "Top 30 most successful architectural bureaus" was prepared by Forbes based on financial data, professional recognition and expert opinion.

Blank Architects project in Tuapse district is nominated for Urban Awards 2023

Blank Architects project in Tuapse district is nominated for Urban Awards 2023

Rizhskaya metro station opened

Metro station Rizhskaya (Bolshaya Koltsevaya Line) was opened

Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow approved the concept of a new club house Sminex-Inteko "Obydensky 1"

Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow approved the concept of a new club house Sminex-Inteko "Obydensky 1"

Discovery Shopping Center becames the best mall on Arendator Awards 2022!

The project won a prestigious commercial real estate award.

Department stores

A department store in a shopping center is a whole world with the architecture based on its own canons.

Building of GEOLOG

Construction of the GEOLOG business center by Hutton Development is in progress on Obrucheva St. in Moscow.

The decoration of the "Rizhskaya" is 80% completed

Works on the architectural decoration of the Rizhskaya metro station in Moscow have been completed by 80%.

The St. Petersburg office of Blank Architects is working on HOLLYWOOD Shopping Center

This year St. Petersburg is waiting for one new shopping center - HOLLYWOOD, the architecture and interiors of which were created by Blank Architects team.

Shopping center "Vesna" renovation has been completed

The renovation of the shopping center "Vesna!" located on the Altufyevsky Highway has been completed according to our project: it includes the renovation of public spaces and food court.

New 4* hotel in Magadan in details

We found the architectural solution for the new 4* hotel project in Magadan in the harsh northern landscape – with its powerful rock breaks and stunning large-scale views.

Hotel in Agoy – new video about the project

The hotel complex in the Agoy Village of Tuapse district is one of our new, but already favorite projects.

Blank Architects strengthens the team

We invites chief, leading and landscape architects, and visualizer.

Discovery: grand opening

Discovery shopping center by developer MR Group has been opened in Moscow. The project became the first opened shopping center in the city since the beginning of 2022.

Blank Architects won at ArchMoscow

The Blank Architects team took part in the exhibition ArchMoscow 2022 — the main event of the architectural world, annually bringing together hundreds of professionals and experts.

Troika – Shopping Center
Program: Retail, Interiors

Troika – Shopping Center

The “Troyka” shopping mall is located in Moscow, on Verhnia Krasnoselskya Street, a 10-minute walk from the Sokolniki metro station. The building is designed with 3 underground parking levels comprised of 1200 parking places and 3 floors of retail space. The total size is 150 000 m2 GBA, 45 000 m2 GLA. The building was finished and opened to the public on the 5th of November 2008. The floors of retail space have more than 130 boutique units, a double floor supermarket “Auchan,” a home improvement store “Leroy Merlin” on the 3rd floor, and a food court with a number of restaurants and cafes. All 6 floors provide easy access for clients coming by car and public transportation.


The proper saturation of the space with natural light, provided by the skylights, makes the clients want to stay longer.

Szymon Matkowski
Partner, Senior Architect at Blank Architects

Conversation —
We Wanted this Building to Live

Alexandra Razina

The Troyka shopping center seems like a very large structure. When you were designing it, what kind of customers did you have in mind?

Szymon Matkowski

At the time it was one of the largest shopping malls in all of Russia! The Troyka shopping center was created for dynamic, modern customers and provides a wide range of shopping possibilities. The project accommodates a two-level hypermarket, a building materials and decoration store; a sporting goods store and 98 boutiques for fashion and accessories. All of that completed with differentiated services guarantees a comfortable and joyful shopping experience.


Did you face any special challenges while designing it that required especially innovative solutions?


The mall is unique as it has 3 underground levels of parking with very bold fire safety solutions - there are almost no fire safety walls, and 3 levels of shopping above the ground floor. It also has a 2-floor supermarket inside and home improvement store on the 3rd floor. The latter required a great deal of creativity from our structure designers as it had to be built to bear huge loads of up to 1500kg per square meter!


Wow, that is an engineering feat! I was wondering, when designing such a large and varied commercial space you must have wanted to have an overall unifying theme. How did you pull together all of these places under one roof and give them one look?


Right we wanted this building to live. To have customers moving around within in it day and night. The rough and sharp facades on the exterior are a direct result of the plot shape and the visibility restrictions of the nearby church. But inside the building has a soft and very organic interior that intuitively follows a carefully studied customer flow. Every design decision was made to enhance this flow and direct it to fill in every corner of the mall with customers. Every single step of the customer has been predicted and the interior design has been planned so as to stimulate the occupant’s eye. Each shop front has its moments when they are seen by the client while he or she is moving up or down through the center.


Every shopping center needs a place for customers to rest and relax while shopping. What steps did you implement to achieve that here?


The food court contains twelve restaurants and cafes and is located at the top level of the shopping center. The largest skylight in the building sits over it, which also provides a view of the city. The natural light and view make this a very pleasant place for lunch or coffee.

The complex is supplemented with three levels of underground parking for 1500 cars with easy and convenient access to the upper commercial floors.


How did you increase the flow of customers?


This was accomplished by filling in the atriums with travelators and escalators that constantly transport customers between floors. This was a decision based mostly on rational and functional aspects, while also clearly underlining associations of this building with a living organism.


Were steps taken to balance the busyness of the shopping center with the organic aspect of the building as a whole?


That is an interesting question and I can tell you how we achieved it. The proper saturation of the space with natural light, provided by, the skylights makes the clients want to stay longer. We used subtle and calming decorations that, properly arranged with the use of smooth and feminine lines, allows the eye to rest from the colorful and vivid shop fronts.


And I see that you won an award for its design.


Yes, it was awarded the 3rd prize as part of the 8th edition of the Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix. We entered it in the ‘Large shopping area and management center category’ and were very happy it was so well-received.


Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Magda Cichon

Magda Kmita

Piotr Fafara

Szymon Matkowski

  • 3rd prize in the VIII edition of the Casalgrande Padana Grand Prix - “Large Shopping Area and Menagment Center’category”