Architecture of a country houses

The comfortable architecture of a country houses is based primarily on the contact with nature: it is important that a person, having traveled a long way from the city, does not get to another "city", but finds himself in a natural environment.

Transformation of the offices

"The office for the employee becomes a place where he wants to go, not just needs to be." Magda Kmita, partner at Blank Architects, told CRE magazine about the changes taking place in modern offices, where work is now not a necessity, but an opportunity.

New interview

Founding partner of Blank Architects Magda Cichon for Pro Rus magazine.

Looking for architects

We are looking for a creative, sociable professional for the position of architect!

Maxi Mall Kazahstan- work in progress

The interiors of the shopping center are already on progress: take a look inside with us.

Blank Architects project was shortlisted in the Moscow Architecture Award 2021

Moskomarchitektura has announced the shortlist of nominees for the Moscow Architecture Prize, a prestigious award that annually evaluates the best new projects in implementation.

We are hiring: Visualizer with fluent English

We invite a visualizer to the Blank Architects team to work on the visualization of interior and exterior projects.

Blank 360: new 3D-visualization product by Blank Architects

Explore architecture and design on the screen of a laptop or smartphone. Blank Architects has launched a new product Blank 360: we implement VR static tours for interior projects.

Residential complex in Lefortovo

Blank Architects created an architecture for a new residential complex of the developer "Argo" in the Lefortovo district.

New business center Geolog

Blank Architects creates an architectural concept, interior and landscape design for the mixed-use business center Geolog

Vauxhall – Revitalization Competition
London, UK
Program: Landscape
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 200 000-500 000 sqm

Vauxhall – Revitalization Competition

A new Urban Design, Landscape, Architecture, and Public Realm competition for Vauxhall, on London’s South Bank, organized by RIBA.
Curiosity Garden, is a mixture of Art and Design, Culture and History, all interwoven with the Thames River and the surrounding natural greenery. Our plan was to infuse the area with a vibrant and lively energy. Vauxhall is quickly becoming a 24hr hot spot in London; things are happening night and day.

We’ve arranged a colorful bunch of open air events and exhibitions. In addition, we’ve organized an outdoor cinema, along with theaters, street festivals and exhibitions. Also we’ve added a few retail shops, restaurants, pubs and coffee bars along the railway tunnels.


"The Curiosity Garden at Vauxhall is a place where green becomes art and art become green."

Elena Dzyuba

Vauxhall county –
Spring/Summer Season

From January to December, each day, for 24 hours

“The Best Free Time Worldwide”

Risotto el Fresco begins on the 1st day of Spring and lasts until to 1st day of snow.
Fashion week includes a grand catwalk each Saturday and Sunday.
Mothers' day in the Museum Garden – the best flowers for the best Moms.
Walk with a dog along the Thames River each morning and night.
4 weeks of Japanese Cherry trees - the best tasting cherries will be on sale.
Running with local artists – each lazy Sunday morning.
Bicycle Race to the Queen hit – “ I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle...” every 2nd Wednesday night.
London Milk from a Vauxhall farm.

James Bond open air cinema festival.
Outdoor Theaters.
Childrens' Day – a game of "Where is the missing statue of Sir Lambeth?"
Tea time on the grass every sunny day.
Lunch box team meetings on a green lawn every day starting at 12:00.
4 weeks of Apple and Pear trees – fresh fruit and ciders in a local market.
Cold beer on a green lawn – each day starting at 18:00 (excluding Mondays).
Sporty Sunday – starting at 9:00 with Yoga/Pilates classes.

Vauxhall county –
Autumn/Winter season

From January to December, each day, for 24 hours

Presenting the “Worldwide Best Free Time”

Language Day - "How Vauxhall station became the basis for every station in Russia."
Balloon flight London/ Germany – balloon city view from 10:00 up to 18:00.
William Blake day - book/beer and discussion in the rain.
Cabbage festival in Oval Bird – every Sunday from September up to November.
4 weeks with “Palms trees” - coconut and banana sale
Seniors' at the mornings in vegetable gardens each day from 10:00 to 14:00.
Hot chocolate on a cold day – each day when the temperature is below 10C.
Theaters under blankets each Friday night.
Damien Hirst Museum every rainy day (excluding Mondays).
Young Fashion Designers present a Grand Walk in the Vauxhall gardens.

Friday 1st beer in various Vauxhall pubs after the workday.
Hedgerow Cutting Day – before the snow arrives.
A little bit of summer in December - Pineapple week in Vauxhall on sale in local markets.
Gift Workshops with the best experts from Doulton Ceramic Factory.
Snow Man festival in the fresh air - snow available in local markets.
Glass house – winter tomatos' week – the last week in November
4 weeks with Christmas tress from all the world - on sale up to 24.12.
New Year's Eve in the craziest and most fun nightclubs along the Thames.

Conversation —
Curiosity Gardens

Magda Kmita

So tell me a little bit about the Vauxhall project. That must have been a difficult one, right? I mean dealing with all its history and everything.

Elena Dzuba
Leader architect

Well yes it was a challenge. What we wanted to do was to really infuse the area with a vibrant and lively energy and to put it back on the map of tourist spots in London.


Oh I see so that after, say, visiting the Tate modern, the London Eye and Big Ben - -


You’d visit Vauxhall, exactly! We tried to make use of the historic gardens – the grass, bushes, trees, fruit and vegetables – to help us meld the touristic aspects with those of the local community. We reused rainwater, made use of local materials, and tried to support local farms as much as possible. We want to show the rest of the city that we can produce our own food here and now.


Vauxhall is quickly becoming a 24hr hot spot in London with things happening night and day.


You’re right and that’s why we arranged a colorful bunch of open air events and exhibitions. In addition, we’re also planning to set up an outdoor cinema, theaters, and street festivals. Along the railway tunnels there will be a few retail shops, restaurants, pubs and coffee bars. These additions will help increase the night time traffic and to prove that Vauxhall has become a safe place to hang out at night.


Sounds like it could be a tall order!


The Thames will help us create a distinctive and welcoming place. There will be tunnels that will have their own color and lighting and the roads will be narrow and green. All the crosswalks will be wider and with better signage. The bike paths will be located next to the river and will allow for fast passage between East and Old London. To accentuate the landscape we're setting up a Glass House Expo Center which should become a new Thames meeting point, where greenery and art will mix and share space equally. This new attraction on the Thames will bring even more renown to London as well as a flow of tourists and new development to East London.


What about the locals? Won’t they have something to say about all the changes to the neighborhood?


We arranged a safe and easily accessible place where locals can go for a run, play with their children, rest, or stroll along the riverside. Using our eco-sensibilities we’ve decided to install a green protection wall, in the form of some decorative green hedges, to separate the path from passing traffic. The crosswalks will be more pleasurable, user-friendly, while more colorful new trees and flowers will grow alongside the roads. To maintain a relaxing and pleasant connection between each of the attractions we’ve arranged a Green Walking Path that will act as a link between all the Vauxhall parks and will be conveniently located for cars. We’ve opted for soft grass along with sand and vegetable gardens alongside the buildings in place of the existing pavement. We’ve added local trees, bushes and arranged green balconies and walls. To make the walk more unforgettable we’ve thrown in a dash of art and history.


Have you really?!


It will contain several parts: a garden museum (with seasonal exhibits), several welcoming points (which we aim to keep quiet for the local residents), a Damien Hirst museum, a park with outdoor art exhibits, a glasshouse where people can learn how vegetables grow, as well as an animal farm where children can learn how milk is produced and much more, including the unforgettable Comme des Garcons flagship store and the new US embassy!


The Curiosity Garden at Vauxhall….green art!

ED (laughs)

I like that!


Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Magda Cichon

Magda Kmita

Elena Dzyuba
Lead Architect

Magda Rolka

Michal Pajakiewicz



  • The Missing Link Design Competition - 2nd place