We are hiring: Business Development Manager for Poland

Blank Architects bureau is looking for Business Development Manager in Poland!

Apartments with Blank Architects design concept in Seliger City – now available for purchasing

In the residential complex Seliger City by MR Group are now available for purchasing the apartments with design by Blank Architects. The lots are presented in the Kandinsky building as part of the third stage of the complex.

The city can effectively accommodate "clean" manufacturing

The founding partner of Blank Architects Magda Cichon's shared the opinion about the possibility of creating new production centers on the basis of existing buildings of plants and factories for the Izvestia newspaper.

"Tomorrow will come today" is now available on our website

"Tomorrow will come today" is a research and manifesto dedicated to changes in the architecture of the housing in future and our ideas about how we see really comfortable modern homes.

New article for Vedomosti

Why the architecture of resort hotels and complexes requires special skills and an outstanding approach?

Work on progress - Seliger city

Work on progress: have a look at the lobbies in "Seliger City" residential complex by MR Group.

Blank Architects on RBC

Why the ban on multi-storey construction in the resort area of Sochi is a necessary measure, and how this practice is implemented in European countries on the coasts - read the opinion of the founding partner of Blank Architects Magda Cichon on RBC

New interview with Magda Cichon

How should look a shopping center that would be interesting for a young audience.

An interview with Yulia Zavarayeva

An interview with Yulia Zavarayeva, Head of the Branding and Wayfinding Department at Blank Architects, - about the department's new projects and tasks

Magda Kmita on Mapic

What path of changes and transformations have shopping malls gone through since 2020, and what changes have yet to happen? Blank Architects' partner Magda Kmita in her speech at MAPIC Russia talked about how shopping centers have changed in the post-covid era.

Magda Kmita, Blank Architects - about the architect's work and new projects for Moskvich Mag

Magda Kmita, partner at Blank Architects, told Moskvich Mag media about her own path in architecture, the architect's work around the world, and about the city's landmark projects created by Blank Architects.

The brand in real estate

"The brand, or the design code in real estate is certainly important, because it also gives an idea of ​​what kind of audience the project is intended for and what its inhabitants will be," - Blank Architects partner Magda Kmita told RBC.

Developing a furniture brand in Russia: Blank Architects’ experience

While working on public spaces design in Russia and Europe, we faced a shortage of object design objects that would be functional and aesthetic.

New branding and wayfinding department

Blank Architects has created a branding and wayfinding department. The new direction implements projects in the creation and renovation of brands in real estate, and is also responsible for the development of signage indoor and outdoor.

Blank Architects designed a community center with the park in Kazan

Blank Architects has created a concept and a draft design of a community center with a landscape park as part of the «ART City» residential complex in Kazan.

Architecture of a country houses

The comfortable architecture of a country houses is based primarily on the contact with nature: it is important that a person, having traveled a long way from the city, does not get to another "city", but finds himself in a natural environment.

Transformation of the offices

"The office for the employee becomes a place where he wants to go, not just needs to be." Magda Kmita, partner at Blank Architects, told CRE magazine about the changes taking place in modern offices, where work is now not a necessity, but an opportunity.

New interview

Founding partner of Blank Architects Magda Cichon for Pro Rus magazine.

Looking for architects

We are looking for a creative, sociable professional for the position of architect!

Maxi Mall Kazahstan- work in progress

The interiors of the shopping center are already on progress: take a look inside with us.

Blank Architects project was shortlisted in the Moscow Architecture Award 2021

Moskomarchitektura has announced the shortlist of nominees for the Moscow Architecture Prize, a prestigious award that annually evaluates the best new projects in implementation.

We are hiring: Visualizer with fluent English

We invite a visualizer to the Blank Architects team to work on the visualization of interior and exterior projects.

Blank 360: new 3D-visualization product by Blank Architects

Explore architecture and design on the screen of a laptop or smartphone. Blank Architects has launched a new product Blank 360: we implement VR static tours for interior projects.

Residential complex in Lefortovo

Blank Architects created an architecture for a new residential complex of the developer "Argo" in the Lefortovo district.

Babur park
Program: Landscape
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 10 000-50 000 sqm

Babur park

There is a project of the park revitalization. Babur Park is located in the historical center of Tashkent (Uzbekistan), it is a traditional Soviet recreation public space. There are embassies of different countries in the neighbourhood. Its historical interweaving of traditions and cultures is the peculiarity of the place.


The park is famous for its local attractions: the Peace Bell donated by Japan, the Seoul National Park and the Seattle Peace Park, created in cooperation with the United States. In this regard, one of the main tasks during the reconstruction of the park was the preservation of existing historical objects and gifts from other countries and the possibility of replenishing this collection over time.
Just like the elements that make up the traditional Girikh ornament, the functions of the park are intertwined into a single whole, creating a cycle of events, meetings, communication, acquaintances, etc.
The future park is intended for local people to walk, relax in the shade, meet friends, visit festivals and holidays, play sports, jogging, cycling and much more. The tourists can taste local cuisine and meet the local flavor, or take a walk near their hotel or embassy. The project pays special attention to the kitchen. The main street connects two entrances of the park, it is the Food Promenade - a platform for culinary ambassadors of world cuisines. Each pavilion is unique and represents the architectural features of different countries which cuisines it represents.

Communication formats

Also the park has spaces for various formats of communication. There are decks by the water for meeting company and recreation areas in the green part of the park for personal communication. The skatepark and play area for children serve as platforms for forming new connections and rallying young visitors of the park. The educational center and sports grounds are designed in the context of nature.
Babur Park is a park that maintains diversity, and this mixture of cultures has been reflected in the use of different types of trees from different parts of the world. There are a lot of types of plants from the classic Italian garden to the Japanese cherry blossom and exotic palms


Lukasz Kaczmarczyk
Partner, senior architect

Anna Puchkova
Landscape architect

Anastasia Kultaeva

Gleb Goncharenko

Ksenia Zabardygina