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Nebo — Shopping center in Solntzevo
Moscow, Russia
Program: Retail
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 10 000-50 000 sqm
Year: 2021

Nebo — Shopping center in Solntzevo

Unusual object location was the reason to create an extraordinary format of the shopping mall — interdistrict shopping center. Nebo is located between two distinctive neighborhoods, what led us to the creation of an extraordinary space, which would be comfortable and entertaining for all the residents. We make this place as accessible as possible for all groups of visitors, including young families, old residents and children.
At the same time we also felt social responsibility for the appearance of the district — a shopping center should improve the quality of the environment — not only for the customers of the mall, but also for all the residents of the district. Moreover, it should somehow support the history of the place.

Plans — permeability and convenience

GBA 50 500 sq.m.
GLA 26 000 sq.m.

Local & convenient
Heart of the district

This shopping center is surrounded by apartment blocks. That is why it was important for us to indicate that it is located in easy walking distance for all residents — there are three entrances to the building, and each looks out over its own residential block. At the same time, convenient access to underground parking and simple scheme of above-ground parking make the shopping center attractive for the guests who arrive by car. Adjacent bus stops are also included into the amenities scheme .
The shopping center’s unusual location and our goal to make it comfortable, lead us to make atypical decisions. Thus, the food court, which is usually placed on the upper floors of the mall, is located on the second floor and with its high glazing, can be seen from the public square, attracting passersby. At the same time, the visitors to the mall who stand and move around the tall light-filled space, are able to enjoy the view of the district and landscape.
Almost all main façade of the third floor is an open terrace, where restaurant tables and greenery will be located. The guests of the restaurants who relax on the terraces will significantly revive the identity of Ulitsa Aviatorov (Aviators Street), making the urban environment livelier and more colorful.

Inspiration — Aviation

3 floors / 1 underground floor


The shopping center site used to be an airfield, hence the name “Aviators Street.” We decided that this is the perfect opportunity to tap into these memories about the place, and give Solntzevo the opportunity not to be a faceless uptown location, but a place with history. Our inspiration from aviation is expressed through the amount of glazing, the forms and materials, which distantly remind one of aviation and industrial forms.

Landscape — Public square

length: 3,5km

heart of the place

Near the side façade, on the way from the old to the new part of the neighbourhood, we created a large public square. The square is intended to become a beloved place — not only for the visitors of the shopping center, but also for the residents of the district. It will become a place for meetings, city activities, spending leisure time with children at the playground, or a place where visitors can get a bite to eat, having purchased food from the food court on the second floor.
An alley with trees runs through the parking area, leading visitors from the side of old Solntzevo to the main entrance to the shopping center. The pavement level will be without any drops, with benches and greenery, which will make the space especially comfortable for visitors with prams and strollers.

Greening — Ornamental trees and grasses

5 types of trees and shrubs
5 types of grasses

Acer platanoides Globosum
Malus Nedzwetzkyana
Amelanchier lamarckii
Acer ginnala
Syringa vulgaris Krasawica Moskwy
Calamagrostis acutiflora Avalanche
Deschampsia cespitosa
Phalaris arundinacea
Elymus arenarius