In the Obydensky No. 1 club house, dismantling work has been completed with preserving the historical part

The developer Sminex-Inteko has completed the required amount of dismantling work and is strengthening the foundations for new construction.

Fashion department store Hi-Light opened in Ekaterinburg

Blank Architects completed the interior of a new fashionable place

Blank Architects on the real estate forum "Zhiloy Kvadrat"

Integrated development of territories: how high-quality infrastructure of low-rise residential complexes becomes a tool for increasing demand

Architecton forum 2023

On September 13, a discussion platform will begin its work in St. Petersburg, two discussions will be held with our participation

The buildings' lobby of the residential complex "Metropolia" are completed

In the second stage of the Metropolia business class residential complex, the developer MR Group has completed the interiors of the lobby and public spaces. Blank Architects are the authors of the design projects for the lobby of the Venice, St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Vienna buildings. The interiors designed for the residential complex were shortlisted for the 100+ awards for Best Interior Design.

Visiting VTB Arena

Blank Architects visited the VTB Arena, which includes the central Dynamo stadium. Blank Architects is the authors of project's working documentation. For Blank Architects, this is one of the key projects that the team has been working on for over 5 years.

Multifunctional retail complex Hollywood

The complex has already been acclaimed as the most expectable project in its segment: its opening is scheduled for the next year.

Moscow Urban Forum 2023

Dane Kljakovic, Head of Structural Design Department, Blank Architects will take part in the business program of the forum

The interiors of the residential complex "Metropolia" were shortlisted for the 100+ Awards

The project participates in the nomination "Best interior design - public space"

Blank Architects in the top 30 most successful architectural firms according to Forbes

The ranking "Top 30 most successful architectural bureaus" was prepared by Forbes based on financial data, professional recognition and expert opinion.

Blank Architects project in Tuapse district is nominated for Urban Awards 2023

Blank Architects project in Tuapse district is nominated for Urban Awards 2023

Rizhskaya metro station opened

Metro station Rizhskaya (Bolshaya Koltsevaya Line) was opened

Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow approved the concept of a new club house Sminex-Inteko "Obydensky 1"

Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow approved the concept of a new club house Sminex-Inteko "Obydensky 1"

Discovery Shopping Center becames the best mall on Arendator Awards 2022!

The project won a prestigious commercial real estate award.

Department stores

A department store in a shopping center is a whole world with the architecture based on its own canons.

Building of GEOLOG

Construction of the GEOLOG business center by Hutton Development is in progress on Obrucheva St. in Moscow.

The decoration of the "Rizhskaya" is 80% completed

Works on the architectural decoration of the Rizhskaya metro station in Moscow have been completed by 80%.

The St. Petersburg office of Blank Architects is working on HOLLYWOOD Shopping Center

This year St. Petersburg is waiting for one new shopping center - HOLLYWOOD, the architecture and interiors of which were created by Blank Architects team.

Shopping center "Vesna" renovation has been completed

The renovation of the shopping center "Vesna!" located on the Altufyevsky Highway has been completed according to our project: it includes the renovation of public spaces and food court.

New 4* hotel in Magadan in details

We found the architectural solution for the new 4* hotel project in Magadan in the harsh northern landscape – with its powerful rock breaks and stunning large-scale views.

Hotel in Agoy – new video about the project

The hotel complex in the Agoy Village of Tuapse district is one of our new, but already favorite projects.

Blank Architects strengthens the team

We invites chief, leading and landscape architects, and visualizer.

Discovery: grand opening

Discovery shopping center by developer MR Group has been opened in Moscow. The project became the first opened shopping center in the city since the beginning of 2022.

Blank Architects won at ArchMoscow

The Blank Architects team took part in the exhibition ArchMoscow 2022 — the main event of the architectural world, annually bringing together hundreds of professionals and experts.

4* hotel in Magadan – Architectural concept
Program: Masterplans, Hotel

4* hotel in Magadan – Architectural concept

The architecture of a 4* hotel in Magadan is a project inspired by northern nature and a unique landscape, special in its surroundings. The first hotel of its level for the city.
The customer of the project is LLC "Bay Nagaeva" (JSC "Corporation for the development of the Magadan region", JSC "Corporation Tourism.RF").

Between the city and the port

2 plots
Area: 5,314 sq.m
Strong slope
Existing buildings

Educational institutions are evenly distributed in the surrounding residential areas. Industrial buildings are concentrated on the periphery, mainly near the water: along the seashore and the Magadanka River. The projected site is located in a sparsely built-up area, in the area of the water protection zone 500 meters from the sea coastline. The site is located at the intersection of a secondary highway – Portovaya Street, and a district road – Primorskaya Street.
In the adjacent territories there are mixed functions with mainly residential buildings. Nearby there are large educational institutions and 2 hotels. Adjacent to the city limits are arrays of natural zones of different nature without equipped recreation areas.

The site is located on the second coastline in Nagayev Bay, just behind the landscaped Mayak Park, at the corner of the Port Highway adjacent to the north and Primorskaya Street adjacent to the west. From the east, the plot borders with multi–apartment residential buildings, and from the south - with an empty territory located on the axis of the navigation rays. The territory has a strong slope, characterized by an increase to the carriageway of Portovaya Street, as well as an increase to the residential development on the right.

On the territory surrounding the future hotel, there are established urban planning patterns, from which architects should start when forming a new development spot. Portovaya Street is a key urban highway, construction along it is carried out with a large offset from the roadway in both directions. The place is occupied by public transport stops, parking lots, food kiosks, sidewalks and landscaping strips. Primorskaya Street is less busy, and construction on it is carried out with a smaller offset from the roadway. As a result, it is necessary to fix the corner of the intersection of Portovaya and Primorskaya Streets with the architectural volume of the hotel.

Rocky coast

Total area: 7,810 sq.m
Number of rooms: 120
Categories: standard, deluxe, apartments, luxury, presidential suite
Room size: from 19 to 47 sq.m
Folk ornament
Species characteristics and infrastructure

The location of the hotel – 50 minutes from the airport, next to the seaport, in the future with a passenger function, determined the structure of the object. A 4 stars hotel with its own restaurant should become a new point of attraction for business and recreational tourists – both visual and functional.

The power of the northern landscape sets unique spatial experiences and has a deep tourist potential, already partially revealed in numerous routes along capes, peninsulas and hills.

The silhouettes of rocky shores in the northern landscape were chosen as inspiration. The nature of the shape and volume of the buildings, as well as their way of organization in space, create a recognizable impression: it is as if we are looking at man-made rocks. With the help of an interesting rhythm of window openings, the geometry of the masses became more complicated, highlighting the entire complex in space.

An important detail of the plastic facades is geometric symbolism, which was created by simplifying the traditional ornaments of the peoples of the north. The small indigenous people of the north live in the Magadan region and are endowed with a special status, and an ethnic park is being developed in the Gertner Bay. The use of ornaments of ancient peoples in the modern interpretation preserves a unique cultural layer and sets a specific visual language.
Such patterns can manifest themselves both in the tone and color of materials, and in microplastics of finishing surfaces.

The location of the hotel's volumes is dictated by the desire to provide for the maximum number of rooms a direct view of the sea in Nagayev Bay.

For the restaurant in the hotel there is an additional separate entrance from the side of Portovaya Street. The exterior walls in the restaurant area are made with panoramic glazing. From the restaurant hall, access is provided to its own glazed terrace - the exploited roof of the basement, which will also be a view. Access to the roofs of the 4th and 5th floors for maintenance is provided through the corridors of the 5th and 6th floors, respectively.

The hotel's own territory also provides for conceptual landscaping in the traditions of northern nature. Soft coverings on the territory will be tundra carpets – rocky-juniper and from flowering groundcover plants: bagulnik, blueberry, fescue, Kamchatka rhododendron. Landscaping is complemented by natural stone and blocks of shungite, and the paths are paved with inlaid street granite and concrete tiles. Mountain pines, dwarf birches, juniper and cereals will make landscaping accentuated and allow you to visually connect it with a natural park outside the boundaries of the design zone.


Albert Skladanovsky
Senior architect

Ekaterina Kozak

Anna Puchkova
Senior landscape architect

Marina Fomina

Anna Posedkina

Zakhar Zhukov
Landscape architect