We are shortlisted!

Our project of the Russian pavilion for the Venice Biennale was included in the TOP 10 finalists of the competition organized by the pavilion.

Magda Cichon, Blank Architects — About New Working Conditions and distance work organization

The new working conditions require high flexibility in decision-making and flexibility for architects.

Moscow Architecture Prize 2020

Two projects of Blank Architects were nominated for the Moscow Architecture Prize 2020.

Nebo shopping center

Nebo shopping center in Moscow, Solntsevo, will be build to the Blank Architects project

Trend Island

One of the best concept stores interiors

Projects of the Year 2019

Blank Architects selected the best projects of the year.

First concrete - Metropolia

Getting started with Metropolia! Today we have poured the first cube of concrete and buried the capsule.

Bolshaya Semenovskaya

New Shopping Center is about to be opened.

Status development
River Bay — Shopping center
Chelyabinsk, Russia
Program: Mixed
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 10 000-50 000 sqm
Year: 2020

River Bay — Shopping center

The building area is situated in the central part of million-person city Chelyabinsk on the North bank of the Miass river. The architectural object is to be built in several stages. This building is intended to be new architectural dominant, improve the river promenade and the image of the city.

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Goal — Improvement of urban communication and development of coastal areas

Mall: GBA: 39799 м2
GLA: 32637 м2
Offices: GBA: 1400 м2
Apartments: GBA: 22800 м2
Spa: GBA: 480 м2


Exploring the city it became clear that the urban fabric around the river has a low density and because of this wayside accesibility between districts is deteriorating. Also, ecological condition of river is not the best because of low level of attention to it - fish dies and garbage nails to the shores. Nevertheless, the river has great potential to be recreational and sematic of the city.
By embankment developing and creating activity in the river area, we can change current situation for the better. In projecting suggestion city square is formed by crossing pedestrian flow of the North of the river, public transport spots and their following the Miass river's shore. Also this object is intended to be new vision appearance in Chelyabinsk and upright dominant which will be clearly visible from the main streets.

Concept — Attracting the maximum flows into the object space

Floors: 28 floors
Parking: 3 floors


Various and flexible program of the building:
The filling of River Bay meets the shopping mall design tendencies - this is the venue and resting-place. Such places have a maximum shift of the functions. Program of project includes: square, shopping mall, co-working spaces, offices, apartments, cinema, underground and ground-based parking, access to the river, observation desks and so on.
Motivation of people to rise to the upper floors:
Attracting the maximum flows into the all object levels occurs due visual landmarks inside the building and in the open atrium. Besides, operated roof with beautiful city views is intended to attract visitors.
Vision appearance:
Architecture assumes smooth forms. The motion of form develops to the top: blocks, separated by "streets" on first levels are uniting with shopping gallery. Areas, where potential customer should follow, are dedicated geometrically: entrances and vertical routes become visible in atrium of the building. Big smooth disclosure of form appears as an amphitheater from river side and continues as a seafront. The object lives differently at different times of the year and it's always relevant due to flexible conceptual solutions.

Design — 5 stages

Land area 16 319 sq.m.
Building area – 64 480 sq.m.


Stage 1
Embankment, swimming pool, ground-based parking from the Eastern side should be constructed in the first place in order to make the place interesting for citizens to attract flows of people already at this stage. It's also necessary to establish a pedestrian connection with the opposite shore.
Stage 2
Goal: organization of cafe and trade around the attraction spot.
Object: block with cafe, shops and offices from the river side (marked blue on the scheme)
Stage 3
Construction of the main blocks of the shopping mall. Creation of the square and inner streets. Organization of the underground-based parking.
Because of construction of covered gallery between blocks near the river and roads, in this stage appears a circulation on all of levels inside the mall.
Day-and-night functions appear in this building. A city-wide visual attractor appears on the roof - funicular.
Stage 4
Construction of tower from the river side
Stage 5
Construction of tower from the road side and construction of the rest of the shopping mall.

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Landscape — connection with the river

Land area: 16 319 sq.m

public space

There is an ambitious aim in front of us: to turn the city in the direction of the river and make the embankment a comfortable place for leisure.
At the moment, isolation of the river makes potentially active urban space a zone of exclusion, it tears the fabric of the city, dividing it into two parts.
We want to draw public attention to the opportunities of the clean river and to show it is possible. Planned activities will contribute to this. It is necessary to establish a pedestrian connection with the opposite river bank and add various activities: for example to direct views from restaurants and create recreational areas on the water, as well as set up a pool on the river that will be filled with pre-clearing water.