Architecture of a country houses

The comfortable architecture of a country houses is based primarily on the contact with nature: it is important that a person, having traveled a long way from the city, does not get to another "city", but finds himself in a natural environment.

Transformation of the offices

"The office for the employee becomes a place where he wants to go, not just needs to be." Magda Kmita, partner at Blank Architects, told CRE magazine about the changes taking place in modern offices, where work is now not a necessity, but an opportunity.

New interview

Founding partner of Blank Architects Magda Cichon for Pro Rus magazine.

Looking for architects

We are looking for a creative, sociable professional for the position of architect!

Maxi Mall Kazahstan- work in progress

The interiors of the shopping center are already on progress: take a look inside with us.

Blank Architects project was shortlisted in the Moscow Architecture Award 2021

Moskomarchitektura has announced the shortlist of nominees for the Moscow Architecture Prize, a prestigious award that annually evaluates the best new projects in implementation.

We are hiring: Visualizer with fluent English

We invite a visualizer to the Blank Architects team to work on the visualization of interior and exterior projects.

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New business center Geolog

Blank Architects creates an architectural concept, interior and landscape design for the mixed-use business center Geolog

Butovo – Shopping Center
Moscow, Russia
Program: Retail, Interiors
Status: Completed
Scale: 50 000-100 000 sqm

Butovo – Shopping Center

The “Butovo Mall” is a modern multi-functional mall, currently under construction in the south-eastern part of Moscow, in the densely populated district of Youzhnoye Butovo. The mall can be reached by more than 700 000 people in less than 30 minutes. The location is easily accessible by transportation. A new Moscow Metro station – Ostafievskaya – is to be built 100 meters from the mall.

The mall will be easily accessed by both public and private transport. The building is a mix of two floors of retail units, supported by a parking lot with space for 2300 cars.

The total area of the mall distributed over three shopping levels will be 143 000 m², with 57 000 m² allocated to the shopping facilities. The anchor tenants will include a hypermarket, an electronics and home appliances retailer, a sportswear store, a multi-screen cinema complex, as well as a children’s store and entertainment center. The shopping mall will house over 160 retail outlets selling clothes, footwear and accessories; the restaurants, cafes and food-court outlets will feature 20 different concepts. The shopping mall is planned to be open to the public in 2016-2017.

General Concept -
Convenient and Modern

From 2011 To 2013

Commerce logos

Butovo was a large satellite town south of the city of Moscow with a mainly residential purpose before it was annexed in 2012.
The main entrance to the mall and the plaza in front of the building is situated so as to dovetail with the main pedestrian traffic from the nearest residential areas.

We tried to do our best to create a convenient entrance for the young, old, and disabled people living around it.
To emphasize a contemporary look perforated ceramic tiling and metal paneling in a irregular pattern is used on the entry facades. Through the perforations the building glows in the evening and at night. They guide you to the two entrances.
Commerce is underlined by logo and a good navigation system (both interior and exterior).

Atmospheric for an
extended shopping experience

From 2015 To 2016


The program consists of a hypermarket, medium-sized anchors, boutiques, and a food court area. The angled shapes from the exterior entrances are continued in detail in the gallery.
Together with the use of metallic, ceramic, and wooden elements the gallery becomes a convenient. atmospheric interior for an extended shopping experience.

By working together with a light advisor, we have achieved a minimum overall artificial lighting for the gallery to save on energy costs and to provide the feeling of being outdoors.

Special attention was given to the tiling on the floors leading the visitor, by way of a gradual transition, from the public stone ground floor to the more intimate wooden second and third floor. The naturally lit atrium gives the impression of being outside in a city square. Russia lacks these communal outdoor places due to its harsh climate.

Under construction-
One of the Biggest

Started in 2013

Visual experiences
Angled shapes

Butovo was a large satellite town south of the city of Moscow with a mainly residential purpose before it was annexed in 2012. Moscow’s intention is to grow twice as large to cope with its congested city center. A developer had requested to design a shopping complex that will service the existing and future residential areas. The complex will be one of the biggest commercial developments south of Moscow.
The scale and differentiated shape of the development will generate new visual experiences in a mainly monotonous orthogonal residential setup. The entrance and the main plaza guide the pedestrian traffic coming from the nearby apartment blocks. The special angled shapes and routing should appeal to all ages and attract customers arriving on foot rather than by car.

Conversation —
Generate New Visual Experiences

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

This project was among the top eight shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival 2013, in the category of "Future Projects ‘Commercial mixed-use.’" We worked alongside our partners at the MD group – a company that has successfully worked on many large commercial real estate projects.

Alexandra Razina

Congratulations. How did the project come about?


In 2012 the Moscow government decided to annex some surrounding land. Butovo is one of the biggest residential areas in Moscow, and a client requested that we design a shopping mall that would service both the new and the existing residents. The complex is one of the biggest commercial developments on the south side of this new part of Moscow.


That sounds like quite an exciting project. How did you cater to such a large group of people in terms of the building’s interior and access points?


Inside we found room for a hypermarket, some medium-sized surfaces, many boutiques, and a restaurant area. The shape and size deepen the border of the land and the surrounding roads. The main entrance to the mall and the plaza in front of the building is situated so as to dovetail with the main pedestrian traffic from the nearest residential areas. We tried to do our best to create a convenient entrance for the young, old, and disabled people who live around the area.


Are these ceramic materials you’ve used on the facades?


Yes, we wanted to highlight the modernity of the building and we felt those materials helped us to achieve that. The building is lit up during dusk and night. The commerce is underlined by the logos and a good navigation system (both interior and exterior). In the interior we used many metal elements, ceramics and artificial wood. We feel that the modern furniture adds to the trendy commercial architectural design feel. It’s currently under construction now and will be finished at the end of 2016.


Szymon Matkowski

Magda Cichon

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk

Magda Kmita

Andrei Gorelov
Lead Architect

Elena Dzyuba
Lead Architect

Agata Stebel
Lead Architect



  • World Architecture Festival - shortlisted in the category for future projects “commercial mixed-use”