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New vacancy

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Interview with Alexandra Razina, head of small creative projects at Blank Architects

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Blank Architects made the unique lobby interior for "Metropolia 2"

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Stolitsa shopping center is now open in Moscow

Stolitsa shopping center is now open in Moscow: the interiors of the local shopping complex were designed by Blank Architects.

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Aviapark — Shopping center redesign
Russia, Moscow
Program: Retail, Interiors
Status: Ongoing
Scale: 200 000-500 000 sqm
Year: 2020

Aviapark — Shopping center redesign

Lately we are experiencing a significant demand on renovation of existing shopping centers. The fact is that in the beginning of ’00 it was a boom of Commerce development and a lot of newly build shopping malls of different scales were constructed. Obviously, 15 years after , there is no excuse for outdated design and quality especially when the competition on Retail market is still high.

Concept — New essentials

GBA 390 000 sq.m.
GLA 230 000 sq.m.

Big city atmosphere

Today's world is changing very rapidly; we are all looking for improved lifestyles. Shopping has become an essential part of our lives, however buying, and spending money is not longer the end goal. Now we are also look¬ing for an experience, for a place where we can meet, eat and relax.
Aviapark is one of the biggest shopping malls in Moscow city. It is surrounded by parkland and a residen-tial area, and accessible by public transport. The shop¬ping center is already very well recognized in the city due to its iconic elements such as an aquarium and one of the largest food courts in Moscow. We propose that along with your existing 450 boutiques and restaurants, you should adopt new trends — such as a fresh Mark EAT or include department stores as "Trend Island."
We have come to the conclusion that we should create an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and some-times — of the unexpected. Our proposed interior design solutions for each area are: a premium zone, a north gallery, a food court and side atriums. All above all we suggest that a kiosk, info stands and intuitive navigation are essential new elements.

Idea — visibility

Floors 6 floors / 2 underground floors
Parking underground


Retaining shop front visibility is a “must”, we have tried to keep everything as visible and easy to find as possible. We decided that the visitor's “flow” through the space should become intuitive. We designed zones like the “premium zone”, ”foodcourt” and north gallery to make the visitor feel as if they are walking through different worlds. By keeping the existing shop fronts, yet playing with sus¬pending ceiling design, furniture, lighting and decorative iconic elements, we offer the visitor an encounter with a reinvented, unique Aviapark .
Overall, we believe in reutilizing the existing spaces . We would like to propose 2 options:
Option 1: “Must have“ which will change the overall atmosphere of the mall, with minimal cost
Option 2: “Iconic ” that will transform Aviapark into an unforgettable and memorable space and increase its positive reputation. We propose an open layout for the north gallery corner boutiques, which will show the visitor all the shop fronts , and to cut down the long walk along the existing mall corridor. We also propose to make 2 levels of shop fronts be open to the floor above. We see “The essentials“ as the 1st step before the “Iconic ” op¬tion. We would retain the decorative elements, using the same lighting elements, and materials.
We believe our idea will make Aviapark more welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. The design will integrate well with the current interiors. Any visitor will be able to easily find their favorite boutiques as well as more unexpect¬ed zones — with their contemporary, refurbished look. The Aviapark shopping experience will become a lifestyle choice.