Brosko mall big opening

Big opening day 16.11.2019, Habarovsk.
Architecture and interior design concept by Blank Architects

Fabulously Answered questions — new store in Trend Island

Fabulously Answered questions — a new store with very special products has been opened in Trend Island.

Telegraph grand opening

Today is grand official opening of Telegraph

Brosko Mall

Photos from the east. Brosko Mall under construction.

RBC Retail Week

Architectural bureau Blank Architects at the Russian Retail Week, RBC

— 24.02.2019
VTB Arena Plaza

VTB Arena Plaza is a shopping center on the first floor of Dynamo Stadium designed by Blank Architects.
It opened it's doors.
And some sport shops, foodcourt and caffes already work .
The Arena Park shopping center has an interior as unique as all the components of the complex itself with a bit of fashion, style, ecology, sport, and history.

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