Coming soon: the interiors of Matreshka shopping center

The space of the shopping center has already get its special look

Baltia Mall- Work in progress

Baltia Mall, a shopping center with interiors made by Blank Architects, is under construction in Kaliningrad.

New vacancy

We are ready to start working on the new ambitious project and invite to join our team new employees

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk special for RBC Pro.

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk told about what apartments and houses people will need in future - special for RBC Pro.

Interview with Alexandra Razina, head of small creative projects at Blank Architects

The Department was created primarily because Blank Architects had sufficient experience and expertise to develop art projects.

Blank Architects made the unique lobby interior for "Metropolia 2"

Blank Architects made the unique lobby interior for each of the five towers of the residential complex Metropolia (stage 2) by developer MR Group.

Stolitsa shopping center is now open in Moscow

Stolitsa shopping center is now open in Moscow: the interiors of the local shopping complex were designed by Blank Architects.

Small Creative Design — meet the new department in Blank Architects

Blank Architects announces the new department of Small Creative Design with Alexandra Razina as Head.

— 19.11.2020
Partner of Blank Architects Szymon Matkowski the Mars Society Convention 2020

Blank Architects partner Szymon Matkowski participated at the 23rd Mars Society Convention 2020, an annual international Convention held in 2020 online. Dozens of speakers from all over the world presented reports on various aspects of Mars exploration and the organization of life. Among the conference participants are SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, President of the Mars Society Robert Zubrin, researchers and enthusiasts from different countries. Szymon Matkowski, the founder of, presented a research on the evacuation of people on Mars using the example of Twardowsky Mars Colony. The expert created a model of evacuation in low-gravity conditions, taking into account the behavior of users, age and gender in the late evening and a holiday event on a weekend. For the first time, Szymon Matkowski presented the most accurate model of the formation of human flows and crowd behavior in low-gravity conditions.
Watch the research and learn more about the applied modeling on YouTube: