Architecture of a country houses

The comfortable architecture of a country houses is based primarily on the contact with nature: it is important that a person, having traveled a long way from the city, does not get to another "city", but finds himself in a natural environment.

Transformation of the offices

"The office for the employee becomes a place where he wants to go, not just needs to be." Magda Kmita, partner at Blank Architects, told CRE magazine about the changes taking place in modern offices, where work is now not a necessity, but an opportunity.

New interview

Founding partner of Blank Architects Magda Cichon for Pro Rus magazine.

Looking for architects

We are looking for a creative, sociable professional for the position of architect!

Maxi Mall Kazahstan- work in progress

The interiors of the shopping center are already on progress: take a look inside with us.

Blank Architects project was shortlisted in the Moscow Architecture Award 2021

Moskomarchitektura has announced the shortlist of nominees for the Moscow Architecture Prize, a prestigious award that annually evaluates the best new projects in implementation.

We are hiring: Visualizer with fluent English

We invite a visualizer to the Blank Architects team to work on the visualization of interior and exterior projects.

Blank 360: new 3D-visualization product by Blank Architects

Explore architecture and design on the screen of a laptop or smartphone. Blank Architects has launched a new product Blank 360: we implement VR static tours for interior projects.

Residential complex in Lefortovo

Blank Architects created an architecture for a new residential complex of the developer "Argo" in the Lefortovo district.

New business center Geolog

Blank Architects creates an architectural concept, interior and landscape design for the mixed-use business center Geolog

— 21.12.2020
Metro as an art

The attitude to the metro in Moscow is special: many stations of the Moscow subway are well-knowned as monuments of architecture, famous artists and sculptors took part in the work on them many years ago. In order to ensure that the architectural appearance of the new stations corresponds to a high level of Moscow metro, Moskomarkhitektura conducts project competitions, in which not only Russian, but also international architectural bureaus take part. Alyona Panfilova-Korsakova, chief architect of Blank Architects, told in an interview with Stroitelnaya Gazeta about how such competitions are held and how the Moscow metro construction experience differs from the European one.

Read an interview about the work of architects on the design of new stations and the future of the Moscow subway in the latest issue of Stroitelnaya Gazeta. Click here.