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The space of the shopping center has already get its special look

Baltia Mall- Work in progress

Baltia Mall, a shopping center with interiors made by Blank Architects, is under construction in Kaliningrad.

New vacancy

We are ready to start working on the new ambitious project and invite to join our team new employees

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk special for RBC Pro.

Lukasz Kaczmarczyk told about what apartments and houses people will need in future - special for RBC Pro.

— 20.07.2020
Interview with Martin Maglione, Head of Visualization Department at Blank Architects

- A brief look at the new visualization department: on what purpose it was formed, what tasks and projects will lead?

The Visualization Department was created basically because of the great amount of visualizations Blank Architects needs for its projects every month.
An in-house solution makes possible a better integration of rendering production to the whole work process of our company.
To produce renders internally not only offers more flexibility to our architects during the process, but also the possibility to take advantage of last advances in technology. The entire industry is changing and the old 3D work schemes as well: artificial intelligence and interactive render modes makes possible to our architects and designers to see how an image changes almost in real-time.
One of our main tasks is to focus on productivity and try to adapt to our teammate’s needs during the process.

- Are there any achievements or completed projects in the department? Which ones? What are your plans for 2020-2021?

We have our own render farm at Blank Architects and also some other hardware improvements are being planned now.
We already completed several projects for common areas of residential buildings for the developer MR Group and now we work on apartment views for one of the residential complexes. Interior views for different retail and food court projects also were completed. Now we are working on renders fro the Moscow Metro competition, also landscape views for the new Novatek offices, and the Radisson Blu Hotel with World Class.
During this year we plan to add new tools and software to our work process, also the incorporation of new professionals is a key factor for the new department. The first half of 2020 was complicated, for the rest of the year we will consolidate strong bases to ensure the new department functionality and once in 2021 we expect to have a solid work team ready to face new challenges in real estate and architecture.

- How do you interact with other departments and what has changed in the work of specialists after a new Department has been formed?

The interaction with other departments is based on following some basic rules linked to each efficient visualization work process. This is very important because it directly affects the time and final result of a whole project. It is the key to get an effective collaboration at the end of each working day.
The fact that our architects and designers follow those basic rules also brings other benefits: the different stages of production can be adapted depending on the needs of each project or team we work with.

- How many people work in the Department and what projects are currently underway?

At this moment only two persons are working at Visualization Department.
Since the incorporation of new professionals to our team is one of the key factors to meet our more urgent goals now we’re actively searching for talented Visualizers to join our team.

-In case of remote work, how the communication, project activities, and reporting are organized?

The remote work mode doesn’t really interfere in coordination and daily tasks inside our department. Our teams are making a great job providing feedback remotely and using special tools. But to be honest the communication with other departments is not always so fluent as having the person who gives feedback a couple of steps away from our monitors.