Trend Island

One of the best concept stores interiors

Projects of the Year 2019

Blank Architects selected the best projects of the year.

First concrete - Metropolia

Getting started with Metropolia! Today we have poured the first cube of concrete and buried the capsule.

Bolshaya Semenovskaya

New Shopping Center is about to be opened.


Blank Architects is following today the WAF 3rd day presentations of Finalists Projects.

Brosko mall big opening

Big opening day 16.11.2019, Habarovsk.
Architecture and interior design concept by Blank Architects

Fabulously Answered questions — new store in Trend Island

Fabulously Answered questions — a new store with very special products has been opened in Trend Island.

— 11.12.2019
Bolshaya Semenovskaya

Bolshaya Semenovskaya — Shopping Center is about to be opened. This building is being reconstructed in the "Multifunctional community center", located on 20 Bolshaya Semenovskaya Street. Blank Architects developed the new interior design for this local shopping center.