— 11.12.2018
BA Technics


On the basis of a unique, long-term experience Blank Architects formed a separate team of BA Technics specialists, who knows the best technical practices and work organization processes.

Our new services:

The department of prototyping and conceptual modeling performs architectural and artistic layouts for projects

Laser scanning
Work with laser scanning technology. Work with clouds of points

Video fixation of the object (photo and video shooting of objects of architecture / construction)

Creating interactive object models for VR, AR

3D reconstruction of structures in models using just images

BIM models for operation
Software applications for the operation of facilities based on BIM-model

In our team, architects create various technical solutions - both simple for ordinary users and specialized for architects, builders, engineers.
We know the process of architectural design from the inside.
We assist in the complex use of complex software.
We implement effective work processes in the design, construction, throughout the life cycle of the structure.
We run your project from idea to implementation.