Projects of the Year 2018

Blank Architects selected the best projects of the year.

BA Technics

We have new services and we are ready to work.

Discover Retail – Field Trip

Just before the Brexit we are heading to UK to discover some New Retail Ideas.

Brosko Mall

Photos from the east. Brosko Mall under construction.

MAPIC 2018

Blank Architects team is going to Cannes for The international retail property market

Stories of Three Russian Women Architects

Interview. Magda Cichon (General Director) for RBC Russia


Reconstruction of stations: an architect's view.

— 20.12.2017
Arch Sovet Winners

Blank Architects have won the top prize at the Moscow Architectural Council V Annual Award in the category “The Best Retail building of the Year”with the project of the Mixed-use retail center in Otradnoye at the address: Russian Federation, Moscow, Dekabristov street 12

Magda Cichon, Founding Partner of Blank Architects:

"During our work on the Otradnoye project we considered a number of social and urban design factors, in particular its location and essential significance for the local community.

Coming to the project we found a standardized non existing building placed in a very busy transport setting, surrounded by residential and charming park nearby. The connection with the context didn't exist and the building was simply used for retail not giving back to community much more. The park was adjacent to deliveries and abandoned.

We focused on bringing it back to location context, designing cohesive landscape and facades, moving entrances to have it more accessible to people. Finding balance between relaxing Park atmosphere and busy flow of transport was a key task.
The facade is focused on representing the park hidden behind the building. Commercial aspect is directed only into strongest transport point like entrance from metro. Other than that the facades are soft and designed with terraces and lots of landscaped greenery.

The interiors are designed with local community in mind. It is a place for locals to meet, work, educate. We have brought the building back to its setting, working on landscape and the way entrances and facades talk with surrounding.

This project is an example of successful architects intervention. It tells also that much can be done with old cheaply built shopping units. They are located always in busy spots and once designed properly can become focal points for local communities."

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